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Water Heater LifesaverTM
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Welcome to the Water Heater Lifesaver site, where we solve a common yet serious problem concerning tank-type residential water heaters. The cost to replace a water heater has never been higher. This simple, inexpensive product will help protect your investment. Note the picture evidence below.

Gas water heater with retained
Electric water heater with retained
Gas water heater with retained
water damage.
water damage and attempt to level
water damage.
with uneven, biodegradable wooden shims.

For the Water Heater Lifesaver solution to this problem, please click here, or follow the "Product images" link above. Below, we explain how we recognized this problem and what the Water Heater Lifesaver does to solve it. For more detailed technical information, please click here, or follow the "Description and Product Rationale" link above.

In the home appliance sales and repair business for many years, we began to see a pattern with tank-type residential water heaters installed in catch/drain pans. Many of these water heaters were rusted or water-damaged in some way from standing in water retained in the drain pan. This damage ranged from slight rusting to heavy soot buildup causing improper main burner operation and a fire hazard.

Although the drain pan is the cause of this problem, the drain pan itself has saved many homes from flooding, and we highly recommend its use—along with the Water Heater Lifesaver, a major improvement on the traditional catch/drain pan.

We noticed another problem over the years in home appliance repair: not all water heaters are placed on level surfaces. The Water Heater Lifesaver addresses this leveling issue, too, and ensures that any water heater it supports remains level.

We intend to license or assign this patent to a manufacturer who will take the project from there. With proper handling, this product will have a strong sales position in all areas of today’s plumbing market, ranging from the do-it-yourself home owner to the professional plumber.


Fresh air intake vents completely blocked
Three-legged gas water heater approaching
Evidence of retained water level
(retained water level indicated by screwdriver
a premature demise by standing
covering fresh air intake vents and when
tip) on this Flamable Vapor Ignition Resistant
in retained water.
dry, leaving powdery residue, clogging
(FVIR) gas water heater.
the arrestor plate.
Popular brand catch/drain pan showing
Drain pan with soldered-in bottom drain
Attempt to level water heater with improvised
drain pan connector and potential for
connector that should not retain water,
shims on a sloping crawl space slab.
one full inch of retained water.
but due to irregular floor, retained
enough water to cover fresh air vents.
This gas water heater is immersed in over 1 1/4
The catch/drain pan drainpipe connector not being
The reflection in the mirror is one of three
inches of retained water. The water is caused
set into the floor, is the cause of over an inch of
submerged legs of a gas water heater rusting
by a slowly leaking T&P valve draining into the
retained water . As a result, the connector is pushing
and decomposing from retained water.
catch/drain pan through  the copper pipe
the edge of the pan up, raising the retained water level.
on the right.